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Bridal Registry Ideas for Different Lifestyles

Most couples like to set up a bridal registry to give their an idea on what wedding gifts they would most like to receive. A registry is also a good way of avoiding a lot of duplicate presents. Depending on your interests and what stage of life you are in, there are a variety of things that you might want on your wish list. These are suggestions for bridal registries for different lifestyles and stages in life.

Just Starting Out: The traditional young couple usually needs a lot of household basics. Set up a registry at a department store that carries everything you need to furnish your first home. Think bedding, pots and pans, dishes, flatware, and glasses. Remember to ask for all of the standard small appliances like a toaster, coffee maker, and crock pot. You should also add a few decorative items to your list such as vases, candlesticks, and large serving platters. Couples often opt to register for both fancy china and an everyday set of dishes. Do the same with stemware and glasses as well.

Already Living Together: These days, many couples live together before getting married. You may have some of the basics like dishes, but lack more attractive or high quality items. Good items for your registry are beautiful tablecloths and napkins, high quality cookware and bakeware, chef’s quality knives in a block, and a nice set of barware. If establishing the registry before the bridal shower, the bride can also request more personal items, such as bridal jewelry or a set of engraved boxed stationery to use for thank you notes.

Established Professionals: There comes a certain point in life when a couple has accumulated most of the necessities they need for their homes. This is particularly true when two households are being combined. While you may not need another toaster, there are undoubtedly some items you could use to enhance the beauty or function of your home. Perhaps you could use a new set of lamps for your living room or a handwoven throw for the sofa. A high end vacuum cleaner is something that anyone will be glad to have in their house. Couples who enjoying traveling can add things like monogrammed luggage to their registry. Be sure to request the full array of pieces, including a large and small suitcase, a garment bag, a weekend bag, a cosmetic bag, and a jewelry roll (for taking your bridal jewelry on your honeymoon!).

Non-Traditional: While most traditional bridal registries focus on household goods, not everyone finds that stuff appealing. If you feel like you already have the functional items you need and could not care less about upgrading, it is time to set up a non-traditional registry. You can ask for things that will brighten your day, as well as items that are related to your interests. Examples include original artwork, tents for campers, golf clubs for avid golfers, or a new grill for those who love outdoor entertaining. Some couples also choose to add electronic devices to their wish list. It is fine to ask for the latest tv or stereo equipment, but keep in mind that if it is outrageously expensive, it will probably not be purchased. Mid-range gift requests can work out, though, because a group of people (like your co-workers or attendants) might want to chip in on one larger present for you. A good piece of advice for any bridal registry is to have items in a very large range of prices so there is something that anyone can afford from your wish list.