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Is the Law of Attraction Really a Law of the Universe?

The Law of Attraction is as much a law of the universe as the law of gravity. It doesn’t matter if you believe in it or not, it’s always working. It can even been explained by quantum physics.

The Law of Attraction states that whatever we focus on we get. Quantum physics states that everything in the universe is energy; it doesn’t matter if it’s a table, a tree, or our body, everything is energy.

Our body, for example, is made of cells, cells are made of molecules, molecules are made of atoms, and atoms are made of energy.

All energy vibrates and when it comes to energy, ‘like attracts like’.

Our thoughts and feelings are also energy, so when we have good ‘vibrations’ (feelings), we attract more good things to appear in our life. Likewise, when we have bad vibrations, we attract bad situations. How many times have you had a day that started off badly and it just keeps spiraling and getting worse? Similarly, when a day starts off great, nothing seems to go wrong. This is the Law of Attraction!

Usually what we, as human beings, do is keep thinking about what we don’t want – I don’t want to be late to work, I don’t want to lose the house to foreclosure, I don’t want to be in this marriage anymore… you get the picture. And some of these thoughts are felt with intensity throughout the day, day in and day out. When this happens, you can’t help but get back what you keep thinking about. Again this is a matter of ‘like attracting like’.

So, we create our own destiny through the Law of Attraction and our current reality is actually a result of the thoughts and actions of our past!

You have the ability to change your future, but you need to change what you’re thinking about today. If you keep thinking about your current reality, you’ll just get more of the same in the future. You need to think about what you want, not about what you don’t want. Focus on what you want, write down what you want, feel what you want, don’t let there be any doubt… and you’ll get it.

For myself, I’ve manifested a few things, so yes, I know the Law of Attraction works. Now I’m working on bigger and better things in my life, and I know I’ll get them, thanks to the Law of Attraction!